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Scotland is home to many whisky distilleries and now there are gin distilleries and craft breweries as well which are open to visitors, so there is bound to be one near your caravan park. You can't drink and drive on your caravan holiday in Scotland, but you can enjoy a local whisky, gin or beer when you are relaxing in your caravan at the end of the day!

Whisky:  Scotland is split into five whisky-producing regions; there are Higland, Lowland, Speyside, Campbeltown and Islay malts. The purity of the water is essential to producing the best malts and a hint of peat or sea water can change the aroma and the taste of a fine whisky. At the nosing and tasting session in the distillery the guide will talk you through the subtle differences in the smell and taste.  Enjoy your liquid taste of Scotland!

Gin:   Now gin is also made in several distilleries, from Stranraer in the far south west to the island of Unst in Shetland. There are almost 60 producers in Scotland, many of which use organics and botanics from the local area to give their gin a distinctive flavour. Most bars have a selection of gins and there are some specialists bars. Ask staff at your caravan park if they can recommend the best pub in the area.

Craft beer:  Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular as drinkers develop their tastes and in Scotland there are well over 70 breweries, each of which has its secret recipes.  If your holiday park has a pub or restaurant, ask for a local beer. Taste the difference as you tour around;  look out for Brewdog, Broughton Ales, Traquair House Ales, Valhalla Ales and Belhaven Brewery.


Scottish Breweries Scotch Whisky Caravan Camping Holidays Scotland

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